Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photographic grief and healing

One of the ways i have been dealing with my grief is by joining an online community of other mommy's who have lost their babies too. Although it is heartbreaking and depressing at times, it also provides me an outlet for my sadness, anger, confusion and anxiety and gives your daddy an emotional break. I don't want to overwhelm him as he too has profound sadness that he needs to be allowed to heal from.
Through this network of mamas I have discovered many wonderful ways of memorializing you, like the pictures that I have posted on the side of your blog. There is a mommy in my group who lost her daughter around the same time I lost you. Juts like you, her heart stopped beating and she is now an angel baby. Her mommy decided to do a project called "Project 365." A one year photographic journey through grief and healing, each day one picture is taken and records the emotions felt at that time. Thinking about a year from now, I don't know where I will be but I know I will still miss you terribly. I want to make sure I remember this time as best as I can for though it may hurt, I am surely to grow and I don't want to overlook those triumphs. My very own "Project 365" started yesterday and will have a special tab at the top of your blog. I miss you little one.

6/7/10 Dash's beautiful urn basking in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight...

6/8/10 Countless hours spent staring at the ceiling and searching for answers

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  1. So glad you're doing this with me! Love you!