Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congratulations! It's an angel baby!

Today was your due date, the day I looked forward to since the moment I saw the + on that pregnancy test. The anxiety leading up to today was paralyzing, just thinking about it got my heart racing and head pounding. But as I woke up today to a flat belly and no baby cooing beside my bed, I surprisingly felt "ok". Today was just another day of missing you, another day of wishing things were different.
I wanted to do something to celebrate the life that you did have and to embrace the new life I have. I took my nursing entrance test this morning and did phenomenally, I knew you would be so proud of mommy for pursuing her dreams. I needed to do something for me today, to prove to myself that my life and my future didnt stop when I lost you...taking that test was the first step. I spent this afternoon thinking of you and did a balloon release in celebration of YOU. Balloons for you, my baby, for the love that we will always have. Hugs, kisses and sweet dreams to you my son.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mommy and her dear friend Ashley (Rykers Mommy)have been working on something special in your memory baby. We have finally gotten things off the ground and running and have begun to share our mission with others. For all my cyber friends, the link is:
This is all for you and all because of you Dash. Friends, family and strangers will know you and your story, your great love, forever and ever.