Project 365

 6/7/10 Dash's urn basking in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight...

6/8/10 Countless hours spent staring at the ceiling looking for answers

    6/9/10 The pool I so looked forward to taking you to next summer with big sister... 

    6/10/10 "A Visit From You" I have never told anyone this but since the day we found out you had no heartbeat, I have been seeing moths everywhere; In the house, sitting on my windshield, landing next to me at the park. It just like all of a sudden I am a moth magnet but really I think thats how you come by to say "Hi mommy! I'm doing ok so stop all your worrying!" This beautiful moth greeted me in the bathroom this evening and posed beautifully for this picture.
    6/11/10 "I know you're up there somewhere, somewhere"

    6/12/10 "Greetings from a cherub" What better way to be greeted at our KOA camp site than this beautiful cherub fountain, it was so peaceful.
    6/13/10 "Wall Art" Came upon this painted on a wall in downtown was just what I needed to see.
    6/14/10 "Mt. Humphreys" We did it baby, we reached the highest point in Arizona, Mount were on my mind the whole way.
    6/15/10 "Tiny Box" Memories of you...your blankie, bear, nametag, hospital bracelet and pictures. If only my emotions could be contained in a box so small.

    6/16/10 Why couldn't I have hung this in your nursery, above you sleeping in your crib...why why why

     6/17/10 Feeling at peace today...mind and heart.

    6/18/10 "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love becomes a part of us."
     6/19/10 "Empty Seat" We thought our family was complete...

     6/20/10 "I'll meet you at dusk and hold you til dawn"

     6/21/10 "Sidewalk Chalk" The last few days have been very hard baby, very hard...
     6/22/10 Memories are all we have now
    6/23/10 The first bill arrived today...I knew it was coming but wish someone would have prepared me
     6/24/10 "Eye of the Storm" The worst isn't over.
    6/25/10 "The Nursery That Never Was"
     6/26/10 "Thankful"
    6/27/10 "Pet Therapy"
    6/28/10 "Footprints" I imagine your little footprints next to sisters...we just have to wait a little longer than we had planned.
     6/29/10 "Memory Box"
      6/30/10 "Just to See You Smile"
    Daddy loves this stupid little gnome and his obsession with it really irritates me. Once he caught onto the irritation factor, he started hiding it in odd places for me to find...I must admit, it brings a smile to my face every time :)

     7/1/2010 "Books at Bedside" The before and after
     7/2/10 The Birthday we will never celebrate with you
     7/3/10 "Nausea and Confusion"

    7/4/10 "Not As Bright This Year"

    7/5/10 "Wishing I Could Hide Forever"

    7/6/10 "Playdough"

     7/7/10 "Little Reminders"
    7/8/10 "Kindhearted Friends"

    7/9/10 "Wine Night"

    7/10/10 "Just Keep Smiling"

    7/11/10 "Going Away for Awhile"

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