Monday, June 7, 2010

The old me

I really miss my "old" life, the one I had before I was told that your heart had stopped beating. I miss being carefree and feeling like the luckiest mommy alive. I dont think I ever took you or the blessing of your sister Addison for granted yet you were taken away from me. I believe with all of my heart that things "happen for a reason" so why then did God take you from me? I loved you, I wanted you and I did everything I could to protect you, yet you are gone. I so badly want to hold you my little man, to see you smile at me and hear you giggle. I try not to ask God this question but every so often it creeps into my thoughts "Why me?" I did everything right but lost you. What sort of lesson is this supposed to be teaching me? No matter how great the lesson though, I would rather have you in my arms, you to kiss and love and hold forever. My baby, my Dash I love you deeper than the oceans and brighter than the stars.

Your urn basking in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight <3

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