Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Visit With Patches

Patches The Bear arrived on Monday and has been such a joy, doing just what his creator hoped; filling in the missing pieces of our hearts. If you dont know about Patches please visit:

Addison immediately claimed him as her own and I didn't object, it was so cute to see her so excited.

I was expecting him to be a full size teddy bear and was surprised when I opened up his package and found a pocket sized bundle of love! He is perfect though, just the size of Dash's urn which is where he sits tonight. The first thing I noticed other than his size though was that he looked strangely familiar, like I had held him before. Then I realized he is "patched up" just like an "angel bunny" I received from an organization after Dash's death. The bunny has had a place on Dashy's shelf since it arrived and it turns out Patches and Angel Bunny are actually made by the same company...crazy!

Patches arrival time was perfect, this month is hard and I feel Dash everywhere. It hurts my heart and it is definitely in need of some patching. Yesterday Addison and I danced around the house with more joy than I know I have had in a long time and Patches was right in the middle of it, Dash's spirit making me beam :)

Thank you Patches for all that you have done for me and all that you will continue to do for other broken hearted mommy and daddys.


  1. That is so sweet. I have one of those angel bunny's too and it is one of my fav Blaine items. It's almost the exact size that he was when he was born.
    Glad Patches is bringing you some comfort and joy. I know this is a tough month to get through (even more so than the other 11 we've survived).

  2. hi,
    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit with Patches. Your post made me smile with tears in my eyes! The photo of you and your daughter dancing with Patches made my heart joyful!
    Thank you so much for hosting Patches. I will be posting a link to your visit on his blog tonight. <3

  3. I'm glad that Patches came for a visit!!

  4. Oh, how wonderful that you were able to dance with joy and beautiful that Patches could feel so at home with your Angel.